Faith & Many Blessings


rabbi jack zimmermanI’m absolutely thrilled that Rabbi Jack Zimmerman will be visiting Central Louisiana to present  “PROPHECY & THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL” at  Open Door Community Church (non-demonimational).

Jack Zimmerman is Rabbi at the Tree of Life Messianic Congregation (AZ), a former comedian and radio host, and is affiliated with one of my favorite programs – Jewish Voice Ministries.  It’s sure to be informative and uplifting, with a touch of humor!  Perhaps he’ll notice Louisiana’s need for a Messianic congregation? (strong hint!).

I’m hoping family and friends will choose to attend, experience a bit of what called me so strongly to Judaism, and learn the importance of:

  • ROSH HASHANA-FEAST OF TRUMPETS, 09/22/17 @ 6pm-8pm
  • YOM KIPPUR & ISRAEL PROPHECY, 09/23/17 @ 9am-12pm
  • SUKKOT-FEAST OF TABERNACLES, 09/24/17 @ 10:15am

Please contact me if you’d like to carpool, or if you’d like me to save you a seat 🙂