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Messianic Judaism


Today I stumbled upon the Jewish Voice Ministries (JVM) and was inspired by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis’ explanation of the Messianic Judaism movement. MESSIANIC MOVEMENT A religion that combines important Christian beliefs [J-sus is the Messiah] with elements of Judaism and tradition…
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Fabricnista Today I designed and cut patterns for 10 wide headbands with ties. I’m thinking about calling the line of headcoverings: Wraptastic Wrapsody


Mango Salsa

I love a good, spicy salsa. Print Salsa Ingredients Blah Instructions Blah Recipe Management Powered by Zip Recipes Plugin

Fat Quarters Are Awesome!!

Beautiful fabric

What Are Fat Quarters? Fat quarters are awesome for new quilters and aspiring seamstresses! They’re  rectangular pieces of fabric cut from a larger bolt, typically measuring 18″x22,” that can be used for a number of craft projects including my personal…
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Sew Happy Birthday!

Sewing Birthday

I had a sewwwww happy birthday! I’m now the proud owner of a stylish sewing machine and a dozen yards of fashionable fabric (with matching thread) for developing my skills as a seamstress! Projects planned: Trapeze Tank Dress Manila Leggings SIMPLICITY…
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