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Brú na Bóinne – Ireland’s Ancient Monuments

I’ve always been fascinated with archeology, old life, etc., so when I watched an old Stonehenge DVD I found that Ireland has a unique as well…

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth

Brú na Bóinne is one of the most ancient social and spiritual sites in Ireland. Some of the monuments are 5,000 years old, which means they pre-date Stonehenge in England and the Egyptian pyramids.

new grange ireland uk

Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland UK

Newgrange is known as a passage tomb constructed by the Neolithic people using 97 large kerbstones with Celtic designs. A larger rock, intrically carved with a Celtic triple spiral motif, sits at an opening to the passage.

The inner section leans against an angled wall composed entirely of Quartz and Granite, a remarkable construction built on top of the large ring of carved rock.

newgrange uk entrance



Travel & Exploration

Cruising with the Crazies to Mexico

Cruising Dzibilchaltun Temple of 7 DollsJust reserved a BALCONY room for a 5-night Easter Carribean cruise to Cozumel and Progreso this November!

I’m going with the “crazies” aka Ronnie and his wife Gloria, and my bestie Christine – gonna be fun, fun, fun!  We plan to explore the local history, be beach bums, and thoroughly (but kindly) embarrass each other!

An excursion “must” for me in Progreso is the Dzibilchaltun Mayan Ruins (Temple of the Seven Dolls)… a perfect combination of archeology and creepy.

In preparation for this awesome event…

  • I’m organizing a LOSIN’ FOR CRUISIN‘ weight loss challenge.
  • I’m once again attempting to learn the beautiful Spanish language.


Real Estate Investing


spotting a dealSince making the decision to invest, my eyes seem to zoom in on every potentially abandoned lot or distressed property I pass. Possibilities for profit speed through my mind, and I feel an overwhelming urge to snap pictures and log addresses!

In my enthusiasm I tried to recruit my daughter, but sadly she hasn’t been infected with real estate investment bug.  Sigh…  So I rely on Celeta McCall, my “partner in crime,” to traverse the country roads with me.

I’ve recently been tasked with locating an ideal property for opening a halfway house for Homeless Veterans.  Ideal meaning affordable, spacious, safe and relatively close to public transportation – not to mention zoned correctly.  I love the challenge!

Real Estate Investing


real estate adventures where He leadsAfter much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to take the plunge and finally invest in my first real estate deal [excluding my residence purchased 15 years ago]!  It’s a bit scary to take a monetary risk and possibly wait years on a return, but it’s time to take action!

My ultimate goal is to add to my retirement nest egg while giving back to the community through establishing safe transitional housing. As a licensed Louisiana real estate broker and natural snoop, I hope that I’ll be able to spot some profitable & fair deals.

Since I’m doing this ‘venture alone, the properties I plan to focus on initially are in rural areas – most have been adjudicated to a Louisiana parish for non-payment of taxes.


  • 2012 – Small corner commercial lot, sits adjacent to a busy hospital. Lots of potential!  Buy and hold or resale for profit.  This is my #1 choice.
  • 1989 – Small lot on a busy highway.  Potential of leasing it to a billboard company or erecting my own billboard.  Buy and hold or resale for profit.
  • 1994 – Mixed use, primarily residential lot, directly behind a large church. Potential resale for church expansion.
  • 2011 – Home in need of TLC in middle class neighborhood, appears to be occupied. Potential for owner-finance resale.
  • 1994 – Residential lot, suitable for building, in an upscale neighborhood.  Potential for resale.

Now its time for due diligence!


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Justice Calling – Becoming a JD


justice calling

I’ve been an advocate for justice for as long as I can remember.  I was raised by my Jewish grandfather who instilled in me a strong belief of equality and simply “doing the right thing.”  With this background, it’s no surprise that for many years I’ve wanted to be an ATTORNEY.

Although I love being in law enforcement,  my ultimate goal is to practice prosecutorial LAW.  And, now that I’m 44, I’ve decided the wait is over.  I’m going to LAW SCHOOL.

Yep, it’s really gonna happen.  No more talking about “one day.” G-d is calling me to take this path NOW and I fully intend to follow His will!

After a significant amount of research, weighing (and reweighing) the pros and cons, I’ve decided to pursue my study at Oak Brook College of Law in Fresno, CA.


  • Degree is offered via correspondence with little on-campus/residential requirement [I live 3 hours from the nearest law school, so this is a big plus!]
  • School is faith-based [very appealing to me at this point in my life.  Fellowship and outreach opportunities are very likely!]
  • Personal enrichment [need I say more? LOL].
  • Knowledge and ability to help others [Jewish law promotes a just and ethical society].
  • Can continue full time employment [great to know my livelihood won’t be compromised!]
  • US Government accepts out-of-state bar membership [I will be able to practice law in Louisiana, provided I do so as Uncle Sam’s employee].
  • Significantly cheaper than traditional law schools.
  • Already have comp tickets for a round trip flight to CA [expires in September 2016].


  • Not ABA accredited [sadly no distant education law schools are].
  • Federal guaranteed loans not available [means high interest loan/expensive monthly payment plan].
  • Travel to California for one-week school orientation and Baby Bar [expensive flight and lodging].
  • Application deadline is only 2 days away [yikes]!
  • No waiver of $75 application fee [$200 after April 15th] offered.

I’m excited and a bit nervous, but looking forward to the prospect of attaining my long-standing goal. Prayers always appreciated!

FYI – CA is the only state that currently offers the opportunity to “sit for the bar” through non-traditional avenues – i.e. distant learning and study in a law office or judge’s chambers.